Hoarding Situation

-- Department of Health asks 9th Life to aid in a cat hoarding situation --

Starving kitten9th Life Hawaii was recently called by the Department of Health to aid in a cat hoarding situation. The elderly owners were feeble and ill. The property was filthy. The stench was awful. We stepped over two dead chickens to gain entrance into the house. Flies and mosquitoes rampant. Smell enough to choke you. No doubt dead cats under the house and debris. Social services is already involved and will provide assistance to the humans who may no longer be able to care for themselves. However, there is no one to help the cats but 9th Life Hawaii. We came to help the cats.

9th Life Hawaii has never taken in so many cats at one time, especially sick cats. We are not set up to do this. The Dept. of Health estimates the number of cats at 50.

      We need the following and we need it soon!!
Starving kitten
Construction trailer, modular/pre-fab school room, yurts, anything that can be used as isolation units for these sick cats. We need a separate evaluation area, triage area, and holding area for treatment of illness and recovery. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO PLACE THESE CATS ANYWHERE NEAR THE CATS WE ALREADY SHELTER AS WE DO NOT WANT TO SPREAD DISEASES AMONGST OUR HEALTHY SANCTUARY CATS. A construction trailer, modular/pre-fab school room, or yurts would serve all these purposes.

We need amoxicillin, triple ophthalmic eye ointment some with, some without steroid, lysine, test kits for FelV & FIV, kitty litter, high quality, high calorie cat food. These cats are anemic. They were so flea infested that the few we bathed turned the bath water red with the blood from the flea debris. For those of you unaware, this will be an education. Fleas bite the cats and get engorged with the cat's blood which they excrete back onto the cat's body. When you bathe the cats, these hardened lumps of flea poop are full of the cat?s blood and turn the bath water bloody. Most cats this badly flea infested are anemic. Severe anemia can and will kill a young kitten. It certainly weakens the cat's immune system.Sick cats We need Revolution for flea and worm control, Advantage for flea control, Drontol for worm control. We need large, comfortable holding cages, big enough for the cat, a litter box, food bowls and a shelf so the cat does not have to lie in or near a potty box.

9th Life Hawaii has a dedicated, committed base of volunteers who can help with the trapping, removal, fostering, and medicating of these poor creatures who have no one else to talk for them. There is no other non-profit, NO KILL Cat Rescue & Sanctuary on Maui. We either get the help we need or the Humane Society which kills almost 700 cats every single month will be called by the authorities to handle this case. Almost 700 cats killed every month simply because the cats are homeless and there are more cats than people who want them on Maui. Since the cats in this hoarding situation are almost all suffering from Upper Respiratory Disease, eye ulcers, other medical problems and/or not fully tame, they will be killed at Maui Humane Society.

YOUR PROMPT DONATIONS ARE THE KEY TO WHETHER THESE CATS LIVE OR DIE.Sick cats 9th Life does not have the resources for this kind of emergency. I have been up several nights till 1AM in the morning dealing with this situation and then up early to medicate and care for the special needs and sickest kitties at the crack of dawn and tonight I am exhausted. So this letter comes from the heart. Not pulling any punches and just telling it like it is. I don't have the time to pretty this up. I am tired. And we have 3 Spay/Neuter clinics set for January 20th, 21st and 22nd this was planned long before we were aware of this hoarding situation. Going to be VERY busy these next few days, so if your calls are not returned, please be patient. We are going back to trap more cats on Friday, January 18 so you can see this is going to be a LONG week for me and the Board of 9th Life and our volunteers.

In order for 9th Life Hawaii to help ALL the cats in this hoarding case, we need YOUR financial assistance. If this letter touched you, if these photos of just a few of the 50 plus cats move you to action, please help with a donation, no amount is too small, we need your help!!

Conditions the cats were found in Conditions the cats were found in
Some images of what these poor cats were living in.

Checks or money orders can be sent to
9th Life Hawaii
Box 476
Makawao, HI 96768

Or use your Credit Card with the link below

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