If you would like to participate in our low cost Spay / Neuter program click here! If you would like to participate in our low cost Spay / Neuter program click here!

As leaders of the No Kill Movement on Maui, we are thrilled to let our supporters know that 9th Life Hawaii sponsored the VERY FIRST NO KILL Conference in the entire state of Hawaii. We were the honored hosts of the three leaders of this movement. Our goal was for these three No Kill leaders to inspired our community to emulate their success:  Guest Speakers were: Nathan Winograd who created the first No Kill community in Tompkins County, NY and now heads the San Francisco-based No Kill Advocacy Center; Ryan Clinton, Appellate Attorney, co-founded No Kill Austin (Texas) which became the largest No Kill community in America in 2011 with a 90% save rate at its open-admission shelter and Diane Blankenburg, Community Programs/Development Director of the Nevada Humane Society, also an open admission shelter.

The Nevada Humane Society takes in more than twice the national average per 1000 people and has a 91+% save rate for both dogs and cats. Nevada Humane Society has become a national model. We hope to be the same for our great state of Hawaii!  The Guest Speakers and No Kill leaders who attended are shown below. A heartfelt Thank You to everyone who participated, it was a huge success!

This book review is about: "Friendly Fire” by Nathan Winograd and Jennifer Winograd. (Paperback version is now available from Amazon.com)
I loved this book. I have read all 3 of Nathan Winograd's books and "Friendly Fire” packs a walloping punch. It is his best book by far. This book goes behind closed doors and although the truth is not pretty, as animal lovers and as tax payers who fund these shelters and for the misguided donors to PETA, the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA, we need to know the truth. Friendly Fire is a must read for animal lovers.
There is a way out of the killing of thousands and thousands of animals in our local municipal shelters which are usually and incorrectly called "HUMANE" societies. There is nothing HUMANE about killing healthy or treatable animals. For example: At the Maui Humane Society, newborns without mothers are killed because they cannot eat by themselves. Could you imagine if we used that same logic for human beings?
It is time to square off against the organizations that call themselves HUMANE and who rake in hundreds of millions of dollars annually and kill their rescues, like PETA. These organizations say that to kill is humane. It is not humane. It is the final abuse. The Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA dump thousands of their rescues on the overcrowded nearby shelters, who then must kill animals in their own shelters to make room or kill the "rescues".
What do the big three do with all their money? Well, it is NOT about saving lives. It IS about pouring money into advertising so they can get even more donations. It is about maintaining the status quo and keeping the bureaucracy in place where CEO's can make $150,000 or more a year, plus fees for their "humane" speaking engagements. Read their Federal form 990's (Federal form open to the public) and see where the money goes.
If you love animals, you must read this book. There is a way out of the killing. And it starts by utilizing Nathan Winograd's NO KILL EQUATION. If you don't believe NO KILL is possible, start by checking out these websites; www.nokilladvocacycenter.org or check out the Nevada Humane Society, an open-admission shelter, which has been NO KILL for years.

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Aloha Blue Charters-Snorkel Boat out of Ma'alaea
BJ's Chicago Pizzeria
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
Burgers in Paradise
Chez Paul Restaurant
Curtis Wilson Cost Galleries
Expeditions Ferry
Frogman/Quicksilver/Boss Frog
Gecko Trading Co. Boutique-Makawao
Haleakala ATV Tours-UpCountry Maui
Thank you 9th Life Angels
Hana Herbs & Flowers
Hotel Hana Maui
Hui No Eau Visual Arts Center
Ka'anapali Kai Charters
Leilani's on the Beach (TS Restaurants of Hawaii and California)
Maui Classic Charters (Four Winds and Maui Magic)
Maui Dive Shop Sunset Sail
Maui Divers Jewelry
Maui Hands
Maui Ocean Center
Maui Prince Hotel-Makena Resort Golf Courses
Maui Tacos, Penne Pasta Café & Mala Ocean Tavern
Maui Tropical Massage
Moose McGillycuddy's
Olapa Koa Charters (America II and the Reefdancer)
Old Lahaina Luau
Pacific Whale Foundation
Polli's Restaurant
Prince Kuhio Cruises
Sugar Cane Train
The Waterfront Restaurant

Thank you 9th Life Angels

Judith Anderson, Myrtle Agrabante, Mary Artese, Bonnie Brown, Emily Chung, Sandra Curtis, Nina Davis, Helen Domer, Sharon Fairclo, Paul Freeman, Joii Guerrero, Sandy & Ramen Hill, Margaret Keller, Candace Kerber, Charles Mannix, Claire & Martin Murray, Leona Nichols, Gisela Osnabruegge, Alyce Ostler, Linda Ringsby, Trudi Ringsby, Polly & J.S. Sack, Carol Schmidt, Claire Stucklen, Diane & Russell Wilson, John Varel

Monthly Donation
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Monthly donations are so VERY important. They enable us to budget our expenses. Donations are always needed as we have at least 200 cats at the sanctuary on any given day. 9th Life cats are well fed and we treat every treatable illness. They receive the best medical care, pest control treatment and lots of love always.. And remember your ENTIRE donation goes to help the cats because we are run strictly by volunteers. NO ONE RECEIVES A SALARY. You can set up monthly or make an individual donation through this link .....


9th Life Hawaii would like to take this opportunity to thank Petco Foundation for a most generous grant towards our Spay/Neuter clinics which should enable us to sterilize more than 600 cats. For their ongoing support and grants towards our high-volume, pediatric Spay/Neuter clinics. Our current clinic ends March 2, 2011 and our next clinic sponsored in part by Petco will be in the Spring of 2011. Dates to be announced. We look forward to a long, successful partnership with the Petco Foundation that will enable us to compassionately and non-lethally bring about a decrease in the cat population on Maui. We are also hopeful that Petco will open a store here soon so we can augment our adoptions in one of their stores. It’s a bit much for us to take the kitties to the mainland to showcase our kitties in one of Petco’s adoption clinics. So, if you think a Petco on Maui is a good idea (we certainly do) please click here to visit their Petco Foundation website, and let them know. And once again, a big MAHALO to Petco Foundation for their ongoing support.

All of us at 9th Life Hawaii (including over 200 cats and kittens) want to thank the Iams Dog & Cat Food Company for donating 2 pallets of cat food. That's a LOT of food. It is truly a blessing to have such high-quality food donated and we are grateful. Our special needs cats (those with medical or digestive problems) do especially well on Iams and so we truly appreciate this donation. We note ease of digestion and much needed weight gain amongst cats suffering from digestive problems. We salute you Iams for your generosity. Your product makes a difference!

"Maui Bling by Deneen” Check out these artistic compositions that utilize Swarovski Elements! Using only her hands and tweezers to apply crystals, Deneen artistically produces unique, one of a kind creations. Some of these items are Hawaiian flowers, golf markers, Lauhala headbands, stylus, baseball caps, badge reels, and adorable wine glass identifiers. She creates new products every year and is constantly inspired by the beauty within the island of Maui. If you bring it, she can bling it!!! MauiBlingByDeneen.com

You can find Deneen exclusively at trunk and craft shows at both the Westin Villas and the Westin Resort and Spa. See her website for specific schedule information! Etsy.com/shop/MauiBlingByDeneen

Paul Scalici of Affordable Electrical & Plumbing 283-4413. Paul donated the electrical and plumbing install in our Isolation Building. He did a great job.

UpCountry Rotary Club – A big Mahalo for the finishing touches (painting) our Isolation Building

Maui College Construction Academy – This college program teaches students valuable construction skills that will give them life-long earning power and abilities. They will be building 4’ x 6’ feeding stations that can double as shelter in bad weather. You can help 9th Life by donating roof shingles, 4’ x8’ plywood, exterior paint and primer and 2” x 4” x 8’.s

And another Big Mahalo to Keith Knapp of Island Carpentry (298-6389) who built a cattery deck and roof and stairs plus helped remodel some rooms in the interior of the sanctuary.

Joel Eser Richman, Attorney At Law, ( a true animal lover ) he has been doing pro-bono work for 9th Life Hawaii and we cannot thank him enough. If you need a good attorney on Maui, please give Joel a call (808) 572-6293, or email jer@haikulaw.com


9th Life would like to recognize the hard work, devotion and commitment from our dedicated group of volunteers. They are truly "9th Life Angels". We couldn't do it without you. In alphabetical order.


Judy Anderson, Mary Artese, Debra Bauer, Cynthia Bocoboc, Helen Domer, Alex Fankhanel, Catherine Giamenelli, Peg Keller, Sue Liscombe, Nora Miyahira, Martin Murray, Eva & Gerhard Opel, Lori Oura, Doris Pompillio, & Lynn Solu, Susan Rodriguez, Belinda Sauro, Stephen Sussman Kathy Trott, Kari Wongsam



How You Can Help

9th Life Hawaii is a cat rescue organization that became a recognized non-profit, 501c3 in 1998. However, we actually began rescuing cats much earlier than 1998. We were champions of Trap/Neuter/Release at feral cat colonies long before it was popular and have sterilized over 5,500 cats. We also provide a safe haven for roughly 300 cats on any given day. To continue our programs, we rely upon your support. We are run strictly by volunteers. Your entire donation goes to help the kitties. Monetary donations can be made using Credit Cards through the PayPal Link on our website or donations can be mailed to:

9th Life Hawaii
P.O. Box 476
Makawao, HI 96768

On behalf of the kitties you will help, we thank you with a grateful heart.

9th Life Wishlist

1.Goodsearch Toolbar!  Help us with our 9th Life Hawaii Amazon.com Wish List.
2.  Please install the GoodSearch toolbar on your computer and EVERY time you search or shop online, a donation will be made to 9th Life Hawaii. All you have to do is add the GoodSearch toolbar to your computer and use it to search for a website or information. What an easy way to help the kitties.
3.  Please vote every day for 9th Life Hawaii in the Animal Rescue Site contest when it is running.

Gift Certificate Donations

9th Life Hawaii has been successfully auctioning gift certificates on ebay and because we are run solely by volunteers, the ENTIRE proceeds go directly to help Maui's kitties. The gift certificates can be from retail stores, activities, hotels, services, restaurants, sports events, airline tickets, theater tickets; You name it! We have even auctioned off gift certificates from a Feng Shui consultant. Many Maui business have contributed, however the sky is the limit as EBay is international. We can auction gift certificates from ANYWHERE on the planet. So, if you want to help homeless and abandoned cats. If you want to help the voiceless. If you want to be part of the solution to the terrible cat overpopulation that takes the lives off over 5,000 (their only crime is that they are homeless) cats a year on Maui, here is a great way to do it. In addition to helping the helpless, these ebay international auctions will bring great exposure and recognition for your business as well. And individuals can also donate gift certificates that they have received but do not wish to use. Gift certificates can be mailed to 9th Life Hawaii, Box 476, Makawao, Hawaii 96768. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will explain how easy it is to do this. Call us at (808) 572-3499.

Other Ways To Help

Like all charities, 9th Life Hawaii relies on your donations to care for the 300 +/- cats at our sanctuary and to hold our Spay/Neuter clinics. Every donation, large or small, helps! We can also use Gift Cards for Costco, Wal-Mart and Petco where we purchase our cat food and kitty litter supplies. Also Home Depot, Lowes, Dels or Ace Hardware where we purchase our building supplies. These gift cards are also tax deductible.

If you are willing to take in a kitty on a temporary basis to foster it, please contact us at 9thlifehawaii@9thlifehawaii.org. Fostering kitties is crucial to their being adopted. Warm, loving kitties that greet our adopters and like to sit in their laps are almost always the first to be adopted. Lots of one on one from a foster parent is the key ingredient for a successful adoption. It truly makes all the difference in the world. Can you help foster?

MORE HELP NEEDED……Additional catteries are needed to shelter our cats. Lumber, roofing materials, tile, exterior plywood and, plastic coated fencing is needed. We also need plastic outdoor patio furniture for the kitties to relax on/in. You can reach us at 808-572-3499 or via email at 9thlifehawaii@9thlifehawaii.org.

We need volunteers with construction skills who can donate time to help build new catteries and cubbies. We also need painters to keep 9th Life looking "spiffy.”

We always need cat condos, cat toys, dog and cat carriers and dog houses (large).

Vets interested in working with 9th Life Hawaii to compassionately reduce the cat population, please contact us.

Donate your car, Old or New!We can accept vehicle donations ANYWHERE in the United States, not just vehicles on Maui. Donate your car, boat, truck, motorcycle or Jet Ski to 9th Life Hawaii and receive a tax deduction. This no cost, no hassle process begins when your contact our fundraising partner, Donation Line, LLC at 877-227-7487. Make sure to ask for extension 1919. Or you can click here, "Donate Your Car Now" and complete the Vehicle Donation Form on line. Make sure to select 9th Life Hawaii from the dropdown list. Please have your title in hand when you donate. We thank you for your generousity!!

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Phone: 808.572.3499
Fax: 808.572.7854
Address: PO Box 476,
Makawao, Maui, HI 96768

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